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I'm Nicole, creator of The Cosmic Cake Company. 

I've been serving up raw vegan treats in Oxford since May 2017. My mission is to make healthier cakes as ethically as possible without compromising on taste!


why vegan?

In 1997 I borrowed Animal Kind from my local library. The details of factory farming and animal cruelty horrified me, so I became a vegetarian.

More recently, documentaries like Cowspiracy and Earthlings reminded me of why I'd made the decision to stop consuming animal products, and also highlighted the horrors of the dairy industry and the impact our food choices have on the environment.


In a world on the brink, it important to consider sustainability. We use recyclable or biodegradable packing, and always complete deliveries using a repurposed cargo bike!

I'm so proud to be part of a movement that promotes respect for our health, our planet, and our fellow earthlings!

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The Cosmic Cake Company

Cowley Rd, Oxford, Oxfordshire Ox41UR, GB